Marchetti (Luiss University): “Diasporas are a bridge to Africa”

marchetti luiss

ROMA – “Disaporas are the ideal bridge to link Italy with Africa. In this day and age in which there are multiple identities, they are fundamental in enhancing all the potential in relations with this continent of young people”. This is according to Raffaele Marchetti, Deputy Rector for Internationalization at Luiss University, interviewed by Dire Press Agency.

Thus the webinar series of online monthly meetings and debates which starts today, which is aimed at international students, is  a real opportunity.
They are organized by the Luiss Guido Carli University in joint collaboration with talented students and representatives from the original foreign communities. The series opened today with “Diaspora, knowledge and community” and will continue with a range of topics from global reach to issues which specifically concern Africa and her relations with Europe and Italy. 
This introductory comment made by Marchetti, who is full professor of International Relations in the department of Political Sciences and at the School of Government, stresses the point that cosmopolitan education is part of the Luiss University’s mission.
He continued: ”While we are going along this path we are seizing every opportunity to make invitations to attendees and guest speakers such as managers and intellectuals from Morocco to Ghana and New York. They all come from various backgrounds and ethnic origins, such as Ilham Kadri, Franco-maroccan CEO of the Solvay Group, and the American author of Indian origins Nilanjana Sudeshna ‘Jhumpa’ Lahiri. Interaction with the diasporas arises from the awareness that our identities are multiple: it is the acknowledgement that communication was previously missing until now and must exist from now on”.

This gap, however, can be bridged through web meetings and by preparing new openings and scenarios in the post-pandemic era. “We need to bring a little of Luiss to the diasporas and a little of the diasporas to Luiss” the Deputy Rector said.“ I am not only thinking about the students but  also about the African lecturers;

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