The new normal: Conversa HealthCheck helps businesses adjust after COVID-19

The automated personalized patient engagement tool screens employees for coronavirus symptoms before they enter the workplace.

Conversa, an automated, personalized patient engagement provider, released its COVID-19 Employee HealthCheck tool on Wednesday. The tool helps screen individuals to determine who may be infected with the coronavirus, prior to them entering the workplace. 

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The coronavirus pandemic threw the enterprise for a loop, sending nonessential workers home  and making remote work the new way of life. However, after more than two months of shelter-in-place orders and social distancing efforts, many businesses are beginning to reopen

Returning to work, however, comes with a whole new set of challenges because of the pandemic. Business leaders have to ensure their employees are returning to a safe work environment, and that employees themselves are healthy enough to work with others. 

“While the pace of reopening varies across the country, there should be no question that businesses resuming operations need to do so safely,” said Murray Brozinsky, Conversa’s CEO, in a press release

“Employers and employees have a responsibility to keep this pathogen out of the workplace. Ultimately, this is about helping people stay connected without getting infected,” Brozinsky said.

This situation is unprecedented, making it difficult to know where to start. Tools like Employee HealthCheck, however, can assist in making sure employees are healthy, happy, and productive when coming back to the office. 

How Employee HealthCheck works 

In partnership with UCSF Health in San Francisco, Conversa developed the employee health and safety screener solution to ensure employees are healthy enough to return to work. 

Employee HealthCheck functions as a brief automated chat that assesses each employee’s exposure risk to coronavirus and symptoms of COVID-19. The chat can be completed via phone, tablet, or computer before the employee travels to work, according to the release. 

Employees who are cleared by the chat receive a digital badge that they can display at access control points. Employers are also notified when an employee completes a screening. Employees who are not cleared for work are told to stay home and are provided guidance for monitoring, testing, self-care, and additional care, according to the release. 

The tool is keeping up to date with evolving screening protocols and is designed to accommodate the needs of large companies

Employee HealthCheck has already been used by health organizations including Northwell Health, UCSP Health, UNC Health, and Prisma Health. 

Prior to using HealthCheck, UCSF was using a paper-based system, asking employees a slew of screening questions when they arrived on site. However, this would cause significant wait times, up to 30 minutes, placing employees at potential risk while waiting in line. 

After implementing the solution, however, UCSF cut wait times for employees by 80%, saving them 250 hours per week. To date, the solution has hosted more than 400,000 safety screens, according to the release. 

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