Best gadgets for employees returning to work after COVID-19 lockdown

Here are some of the best office gadgets to help reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus in-house as employees return to work amid a global pandemic.

Mere months into the coronavirus pandemic, some states are already beginning to lift lockdown measures to reduce impacts on their local economies. In the coming weeks and months ahead, more states will follow suit meaning droves of employees will again be braving the distance and returning to work around the country. Without a doubt, the modern office will see plenty of new safety protocols to minimize the risk of spreading the virus in-house.

This remodeling will surely include the triumphant resurrection of the unbeloved cubicle from yester-century. For others, room dividers will transform the open floor plan into a peculiar plexiglass labyrinth of sorts. Even so, there are many additional precautions to take at the workplace during this public health crisis. From reducing the reliance on the communal office coffee pot to investing in dishwasher-safe office accessories, here are some of the best gadgets to fight the spread of the coronavirus as the labor force returns to work amid COVID-19 en masse.

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CASETiFY UV Sanitizer



One of the most contaminated objects are cell phones. Research from the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health determined that the average cell phone is exponentially dirtier than a standard toilet seat, by a factor of 10, in fact. As a result, these devices exist as a petri dish of unsavory microbes and that’s certainly less than ideal during a modern plague. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds far more convenient than personally sanitizing these devices multiple times a day.

Around the globe, public health officials have UV-C lights to combat the coronavirus on public transit systems, hospitals, and elsewhere. The CASETiFY UV Sanitizer functions on a smaller scale by showering the cell phone in disinfecting UV-C light in between uses. For added utility, the overall compartment is also large enough to disinfect other commonly handled items such as keys, wallets, and sunglasses.

$120 at CASETiFY

The Hook Door Opener Multi-Tool


IMAGE: The Ridge

When it comes to combating a microscopic contagion, there’s an inherent risk with many day-to-day tasks such as touching handrails and opening doors. To assist, there are a variety of portable devices designed to help minimize necessary contact with surfaces while we are out and about. This clever multitool from The Ridge allows individuals to open doors and turn door handles without physically touching the surfaces by hand. The front of the multitool comes to a blunted point, making the accessory practical for other routine tasks such as pressing buttons on an ATM or entering a pin code to access a building. The multitool comes with a belt clip for easy access and added convenience on the go.

$40 at The Ridge



IMAGE: Immutouch

It’s been estimated that people touch their faces about 16 times every single hour. With every inquisitive rub of the eyebrow or perplexed scratch of the forehead,

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